VE Day Bunting

VE Day Bunting

Bring A Little Magic

It has certainly been a tough couple of months with the COVID Virus affecting our lives, jobs and wellbeing and we are still unclear how life is going to pan out over the foreseeable future.

This friday 8th May is VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) marking the end of World War Two 1945 when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. The German Army offered a complete and unconditional surrender to the Allied Forces. This year will mark 75 years since that day.


Unfortunately, this year’s celebrations can’t be enjoyed with parades, street parties or concerts but we can still celebrate with our immediate families in lockdown.

You may work in a Care Home or Hospital and wish to enjoy a little tea party with the elderly residents who may have their own memories during those wartime years.

Families are being brought together to enjoy more quality time, which they may not have had time for before lockdown. I’ve seen more kids out on their bikes with mum or dad (for their daily exercise) than ever before.

Download Your Freebie Bunting

So I thought I’d create this VE Day bunting which you can download to your own printer, print out on A4 paper/card and hang up with string, wool or ribbon. Hang in your window or on a wall.

Print & Cut Out Your VE Day Bunting
Punch Some Holes & Hang With String/Ribbon/Wool
VE Day Bunting
Hang in a window, or string along a wall

Have a Zoom Tea Party/Get Together

Get the kids to decorate the house and garden, make some cakes, sandwiches, and enjoy a little tea party. Have a little celebration with loved ones and look forward to days when we can reunite with friends & relatives.

Download PDF or pop over to my Facebook Page & Join my Group to access the PDF Files

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