Magical Planner

Planning Your Time

It’s easy to get knocked off course when our lives are busy and there are endless jobs, chores, and commitments.

Sometimes it’s good to write it all down and map out your days, months & even your year. So I’ve created this little freebie magical planner with cute fairies to help keep you on track!

Magical Planner

You can download and printout the pages as many times as you like to plan your year ahead. Fill out some goals for the year. Plan your month, pop in those important appointments or birthday dates. You can also plan your week and day so you know you are up to date with any actions you need to take.

There are 6 cute pages and a separate weekly planner with fairy images that you can print out to suit yourself and then pop into a folder, disc system or pin on your wall. How about setting some goals for the year. The printout also includes a lined page which you can use for journaling, writing any extra notes or to-dos. Again you can print/photocopy as many times as you need. The download comes in a PDF format in A4 & A5 size. Click Here to Download.

Make your days a little more Magical!

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