Free Printable Colouring Pages

Cute Colouring Pages To Keep Little Ones & Big Ones Busy

In these worrying times, it is difficult to know where to put our focus and energies. Keeping calm is a big step towards dealing with this and often simple activities like reading, journaling & colouring can help!

So I’ve created some free printable colouring pages which can be downloaded and printed out as many times as you like! Have fun colouring in the 8 different pages focused around crystals, fairies, and magic!


Another great way to keep calm is to keep a journal of what is happening all around. Express your feelings, concerns or just keep track of what is going on. You can download my free journaling pages to start you off or take a look at my journals available to order through Amazon.


It is hard to imagine making any plans in the foreseeable future but it is a chance to maybe address longterm plans, goals, and habits. Maybe it is a good time to think about the structure of our work or daily routines. Could they be more organized or effective?

Whatever the next few months bring I hope we can remain kind, caring and positive – taking care of our physical & mental health!

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