Do You Need A Little Help With Health & Fitness?

Food & Fitness Journal
Food & Fitness Journal

A Simple Journal To Get You Started

My daughter was looking to kick-start her fitness routine but without the restrictions of a set diet or rigid exercise program. So I came up with this little Journal idea where she can track her daily food intake and also set herself some targets.

I’ve created the Journal in paperback form 6 x 9″ which you can order from Amazon or download my digital version from my Etsy Shop. There are several variations to the cover design on the book which may help to keep you motivated!

The Journal can be used in conjunction with any diet or food plan. You can log your calories & extra snacks. (That we sometimes don’t realise we are popping into our mouths). The worse thing for me is if I see any biscuits or treats lying around they have a habit of making their way into my mouth before I even realise.



I joined a Health Club last week to try & get myself a little fitter. There are usually lots of different classes to try out whatever your fitness level. Gently yoga for me and I’m going to try some of their dance/movement classes. I can log these onto my exercise routine pages so it becomes a habit rather than a chore. Even a walk with the dog can be logged.

My Daughter

Well, I’ve given my daughter her book which she is really pleased with but I have reminded her that she does actually need to use it…’s hard with a young family to keep on track but I hope this helps her and I hope it may help you too!

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